Discover Puerto Vallarta Zona Romantica Romantic Zone and all the magic and charm of the old town south side.

Puerto Vallarta Zona Romantica Romantic Zone

Where is Puerto Vallarta Zona Romantica Romantic Zone? Walk across the bridge from the north side over the Cuale River and discover Puerto Vallarta Zona Romantica, the Romantic Zone, often referred to as Viejo Vallarta, Old Town and South Side. Zona Romantica is the popular side of the city because of the community spirit and village like atmosphere and possessing all the tranquil character of a colonial Mexican town with cobblestone streets and charming white stucco houses with red tile roofs. Here is where you will also find The Blue and Green Chairs beach cafes at Playa Los Muertos... Los Muertos Beach.

Why I like it: I personally love the small town village like feel centred around the main streets of Olas Altas and Basilio Badillo and how everything is within walking distance, so there is no need to hire a car, plus taxis do cost very little here should you want one. It's the feeling on the street; the local people are so friendly with an attitude of let's just enjoy life and be happy, and they can pull a party together in no time! The architecture combined with a vibrant profusion of colour on the streets with bright Bougainvillea, Hibiscus and Copa de Oro plants, the Mariachi bands playing live music; the whole place just has a relaxed and fun-loving easy going atmosphere. And of course, famous Los Muertos Beach. What can be greater than sitting under a shady Palapa at Playa Los Muertos enjoying one of your favourite drinks with your toes in the sand and looking out to the ocean. Or enjoying another one of Vallarta's incredible sunsets.

Home        Stay at Bugambilia Blanca Vacation House and Condos in sunny Puerto Vallarta and enjoy charm in abundance in the popular Zona Romantica, Romantic Zone.

So what's there to do here: While still preserving its wonderful small town charm and appeal Puerto Vallarta Zona Romantica Romantic Zone possesses the sophistication and amenities of a world class international travel destination. This is where you will find the widest choice of restaurants and everything from delicious Mexican tacos to fine dining, and all just a stone's throw away... Vallarta is well known for seafood dishes, particularly shrimp, lobster, and red snapper, as well as authentic delicious Mexican dishes like Mole, Chiles en Nogado and Chiles Rellenos Ahogados. The south side choice is endless, from lively, stylish cocktail lounges with dinner and cabaret floor shows, to enchanting candlelit beachfront restaurants where you can enjoy a romantic dinner accompanied by the soothing sound of the waves lapping at the shore.

And the nightlife can be pretty spectacular too this side of town with a good selection of bars, clubs and entertainment venues. With something for all tastes and lifestyles most nightclubs tend to open later and get going closer to midnight or even later. The bars tend to get going a little earlier, usually around 10.30 p.m. onwards. Plus there is a good choice of Martini lounges with performing artists, piano and jazz bars with resident musicians and singers plus a number of smaller, cantina style bars. Salsa dance clubs, live blues bands, Mariachi music, Zona Romantica's nightlife choice is wide. Smart Mexican men and women tend to dress up more when going out so you may want to bring something to wear for the nightlife.

And there's a great selection of shopping in the neighbourhood, everything from traditional market stalls to specialty shops, designer boutiques and fine art galleries. Silver, hand blown glass and pewter ware are among some of the more popular buys and the Municipal Market, just across the first bridge heading north, is a lively place with a wide variety of Mexican handicrafts including silver items, locally made fabrics and pottery being among the more popular choices there.

Home        Stay at Bugambilia Blanca Vacation House and Condos in sunny Puerto Vallarta and enjoy charm in abundance in the popular Zona Romantica, Romantic Zone.

Versus a stay in the hotel zone: I remember very fondly my first ever visit to Puerto Vallarta, which is some years ago now, and having discovered this wonderful Mexican destination after reading about Puerto Vallarta in Conde Nast Traveller magazine. At that time it was mainly the hotel zone, way across the other side of town, which was better known. The hotels tend more to be all inclusive these days plus are quite isolated from this side of town so they don't really give you the opportunity to get out and explore, missing out on all the charm and character of the Zona Romantica. It was my second visit to Vallarta four months later with my then partner that we became more adventurous and ended up spending most of our time in the Romantic Zone. Our third visit only a few months later and it was a natural choice to stay this side of town. The Zona Romantica is absolutely perfect for those wanting a more authentic taste of vacationing in Mexico.

So why not come and discover for yourself the magic and charm of Puerto Vallarta's Zona Romantica, Romantic Zone and while you are here, stay at Bugambilia Blanca Vacation House and Condos for a great place to stay in the neighbourhood.

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Bugambilia Blanca Vacation House and Condos in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico are licensed holiday accommodations located near Los Muertos Beach in the old town area of Puerto Vallarta known as Zona Romantica, Romantic Zone or south side.


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